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Ironman Talk Episode 22

This weekends race results, plus what�s up next week.

Chris Macca signs up for Challenge Queenstown.

Mark Allen and Dave Scott is finally up. Go to: This weeks websites.

ITU World short course champs on this weekend.

Age grouper of the week

     This week�s age grouper is Jessica
     Stacey of Tauranga, NZ. She managed
     to win her age group, 18-24, in a time of 
     10:50:10 in her first Ironman!
     Recommended by Craig Whiting. 

Haydn Woolley interview

    FutureDreams is a swim
    coaching business started in
    late 1997 by a former New
    Zealand swimmer-turned
    triathlete. Haydn Woolley
    raced as an ITU athlete for 3
    years emerging as the leader after the      
    swim leg in over 95% of his races, 
    culminating in the world's fastest ever
    Ironman Swim of 43.30 (Auckland 1997).
    Now he works fulltime in his coaching
    business while continuing to train for fun.
    Check out Haydn�s website:
    While you are there have a look at his Swim Videos.
    Thanks for the interview Haydn.

This week�s websites
    Results: Ironman Canada, Ironman Korea,
    Races coming up: Monico 70.3,Sado 
    Island Triathlon Japan, The Canadian.
    News: Insidetri on Zonfingen.
    Mark Allen and Dave Scott: It�s in 6 parts.
    Websites of the week: plus    
    Triscoop for a tri forum.

Train Well

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Epispode 21 Ironman Talk Ironman Talk Episode 21

This weekends race results, plus what’s up next week.

IMUK organisers were handing out diet coke, whoops!

70.3 continues to grow and what that mean for the events.

Bjorn Anderson’s bike set up, it’s unbelievable.

Coach’s Corner
    John covers bike etiquette. He goes over
    Getting started.
    General etiquette.
    Moving to the front.
    Climbing and descending.
    More general etiquette.

Product Review Centre

     PRO4 Recovery

High five: Cleaning your bike

Age grouper of the week

     Jim Beuselinck
     Jim had an amazing race in Ironman UK.
     He managed to come 3rd overall in a time
     of  8:46.35. Jim was leading the race with
     only 3 miles to go. Great work Jim!

This weeks websites
    Results: Embrum, Ironman UK, Brazil 70.3,  
    Timberman 70.3.
    Coming up races: Ironman Canada,
    Ironman Korea, Aldmere, Extrememan,
    Austria Triathlon.
    Ironman 70.3 continues to grow.
    Interesting article about Bjorns bike set up
    Mark Pollocks inspirational website.
    Lost sheep triathlon.
    Our new blog!

Train well.

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Episode 20 Ironman Talk Ironmantalk Episode 20th - July 2nd, 2006
In this week’s episode:

Epic Camp NZ registration opens. Gordo forum update.

Doe and Granger sign up for Challenge Queenstown.

Good article with  Peter Reid. Click here.

Triathlon Swimsuit Model.

Norseman, Embrumman, Tokia Half.

Up Coming races:
Ironman UK, Timerman 70.3.

High 5: Tips for Training while traveling.

Website of the Week:
A new Ironman Eman, it’s free!

Coach’s Corner:
Swim Etiquette. All the tips that a new swimmer needs to know.

Questions and Answers:
Jeff’s question about why more age groupers don’t get in the top 20 more often.
Grant emailed us the link to the Lance Armstrong triathlon movie.
Rays question about monthly bench marks.
Matthew sent us this interesting article.

The new website is days away. It should be up by early next week. I’m having had trouble uploading the 1989 Hawaii movie. I’ll put it up with the new website.

Train well.
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Episode 19 Ironman Talk

Hey everyone.

It's a shortened show this week because Bevan is in Auckland. So sorry there are no show notes. We will be updating the website over the next couple weeks. We think you will like it!


Train well

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