Your weekly fix in all things Ironman!

News: Results from ITU Long Course Champs, Ironman Canada and Ironman Vitchy; Coming up races; John's ITU update. 

This Weeks Discussion: Now that a lot of us have experienced a rolling start at an Ironman, do you like it or what sort of start do you prefer? Also tell us if you are a front, middle or back of your age group and where you are from.

Interview: This week we have an interview with Chief Executive Officer of The Professional Triathlon Organisation, Charles Adamo. He talks about the organisation and The Collins Cup. You can check out The Collins Cup here

Coaches Corner: John covers a question about how close to an Ironman should you do an FTP test. 

Website of the Week: Here's the Evergreen Endurance website

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News: Lots of results; ITU long distance champs are coming up; Wanda announces Ironman Tallinn; Chrissie's book I out; the randomness of getting to Kona.

This Weeks Discussion: We have the world 70.3 champs coming up over the weekend of the 9th & 10th of September. This week we want you to give us your picks for both the male and female pro races, also tell us why you made these picks. Comment here. 

This Weeks Photo: Here's the photo of John receiving his award at Challenge Roth, let's just say he's not the biggest guy around ;-) 

Coaches Corner: John goes over some questions around a spring marathon when you are training for a marathon, he also covers time spent in threshold in running and cycling workouts. 

Website of the Week: 'Cool Hand' Chance Barber sent through the Global Cycling Networks YouTube channel as this weeks website. It now has triathlon content, check it out here. 

App of the Week: Ironman now have an amazing app that allows you to track people when they are racing an Ironman. Click here to get it

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With John coming back from holiday today we don't have our normal show notes. 

This Weeks Discussion: If you are a member of a triathlon club or team what do they do that make you want to remain a member? Comment here

Interview: Today we have an interview with the authors of The Brave Athlete - Calm the f*ck down and rise to the occasion, Simon Marshall and Lesley Paterson. This book takes you through many of the mental problems that athletes face in their journey to be the best that they can be. In our interview we talk about some of the areas covered in the book and some strategies to overcome these. 

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News: Results from Norseman and Ironman Masstrick; John's ITU Update; Coming up races; Lots of female pro's pregnant; John's 'What the Hell' section. 

This Weeks Discussion: Ian Blaiklock sent through an email about supplementation, and where is the line between banned drugs and supplements. This got us thinking about this weeks discussion, which is: What do you consider cheating? Comment here. 

Statstastic: We look at the oldest male winner at Kona. 

Interview: This week we have top sports nutritionist Ian Hellenmans on the show. We cover the topics of race day nutrition, her thoughts on LCHF, and some sports nutrition research she has been involved in. You can get in contact with Ien by clicking here

Website of the Week: We have two this week. Here's Lee Thomas' Facebook group for setting up homestays and here is Jeremy Hopwood's link for the IMTalk meet up at the ITU Multisport festival in Penticton. 

This Weeks Website: DCRainmakers downloading free maps for Garmin.  

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