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It's the last in our interview packed shows, next week we'll be starting our Roth coverage. This week we have three more great interviews.

Interview: Alicia Di Fabio is the author of Woman Who Tri: A Reluctant Athlete's Journey Into the Heart of America's Newest Obsession. In her book she shares how her local triathlon community has created and environment that has made triathlon accessible to all levels of females. They have done an amazing job and have learnt some powerful lessons on how to get females into the sport. In the interview Alicia shares many of these. 

Interview: Jack Lesyk is a world leading sport psychologist. He is a past president of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. In our interview Jack shares his nine mental skills of successful athletes. These are build on top of The Performance Pyramid. He gives a great insight into what it takes to perform and how you go about approaching the mental side of it. You can check out Jack's website by going here:

Interview: The last interview we have is with Gordo. This is a blast from the past, when we had Gordo on the show to talk about nutrition. As always Gordo shares some good ideas in an area that is important to triathlon. You can check out Gordo's writings here:

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This week is another interview packed show for you! There's one about heart health, then we have one about strength training for endurance athletes, and then we finish up with a Legends interview with Valeria Silk (the original race director in Kona). 

Interview: We have the author of The Haywire Heart, Chris Case on the show. He talks to us about his book and how doing to much exercise can be bad for the heart and what we need to do to protect it. Find out more about the book by clicking here

Interview: Kriss Hendy is a top strength and conditioning coach who focuses on Endurance Sport. He runs which is a great resource for your strength training. Kriss talks about the importance of strength training, how to fit it into your training week and year, and what you need to think about when you are doing it to make sure it's effective and safe.  

Interview: Our last interview is with Valerie Silk. Valerie Silk was known as the mother of the Hawaii Ironman. When John Collins departed Hawaii Valerie took over the race as the race director. For ten years she grew the race from a very small event into an event that was known world wide. In this months Legends of Triathlon podcast Valerie shares many of the stories from her years at the Ironman World Championships. This is a great interview. 


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With the boys being away we have an interview packed show for you this week. 

Interview: Melissa Urie has recently completed Epic 5. We get her on the show to talk about the event and all of the other crazy training she has been doing. You can check out what Melissa is doing by going to

Interview: In 2009 Aaron Galley had an accident where he lost in arm. For a lot of people this would put them off from doing Triathlon but not for Aaron. In 2015 he started his triathlon journey and since then he has achieved some amazing things. This week we talk to him about his journey, how he has to change his training due to his arm, and his plans for the future. 

Interview: Today we have one of our Legends interviews with one of the most successful female triathletes of all time, Erin Baker. In her professional career she raced in 121 races of which she won 104! She also won world Championships across all the different distances in the sport. She was often an outspoken person in the sport who had a huge influence on issues like equal prize money for both Female and Male athletes. A true legend of triathlon. 

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News: The results for Ironman Brazil (and Tim Don's amazing result), and Challenge's Championship Race; Coming up Races; Wanda buys Competitor Group; John's ITU update. 

Coaches Corner: This week we talk about what to do when you are injured. 

App of the Week: Here's the app of the week, Headspace. 

John's Race Report: John breaks down his Kona 70.3 win. Here's his file from the race

Epic Camp Interviews: This week we have interviews with a few of the people on Epic Camp. It's gives you some insight into the everyday athletes life. 


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