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On this week's show, we have an interview with Thorsten Radd covering what will be different in Kona this year because of the changes in the pro qualifying system. 

We also have News, Discussion of the Week, Website of the Week and Q&As. 

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In the 3rd of the ‘boys are away’ shows. We have an interview with Steve Gurney.

Steve is one of the greatest endurance sports athletes of all time, winning the Coast to Coast adventure race 9 times.

As well as being a top athlete Steve has worked as a coach/mentor, promoted active lives for children, and has written books on his journey as a person.

In this interview Steve shares many of the insights that live has taught him. 

You can find Steve's work at his website here:

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This week we have news and John’s race report from Kona 70.3. We also have a long interview with Macca about the male GOD’s of the 90’s.

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