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Episode 29 Ironman Talk Episode 29 Ironman Talk

In this weeks show:

News for this week

This weekend�s race results, plus what�s up next week.
Earthquake in Kona, and it wasn�t Cam Brown on his bike!
Tri Pro Org are getting together in Kona.
Eagleman 70.3 in June 07 is sold out.
Tim Don get a ban for not turning up to 3 drug tests.

Age Grouper of the week

Reinhold Humbold who completed Kona in a time of 9:47:29. The amazing thing about Reinhold was that he was 57 at the time!
We also mentioned Bob Scott is did 13:27:50 at the age of 75.
Lastly we had Robert McKeague was the first 80 year old to finish before the cut off time.

Itâ��s time for you to have a chance to give us you picks for this weeks race. The winner will get their photo and a mention on the website next week! 

An interview Luis Vargas

We catch up with Luis Vargas, an Ironman coach from Mark Allen online, about what�s been happening at Kona.
He give his picks for the race plus some tips and talks about the earthquake.

High 5 for Surviving a Earthquake
1. Get under a door if you are inside.
2. Stay away from buildings, trees or telephone lines.
3. If you are driving stay away from underpasses.
4. Cover you head.
5. Stay calm.

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We had load of great questions and answers, your have to listen to hear them

Train well
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