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Episode 110 Ironman Talk Episode 110 Ironman Talk

This weeks news
 Upcoming races: Lanzarote, Brazil.
 Recent results: St Croix, Floria
Camp Kia Kaha
Click here to get all the info you need about the best camp next year!Let the good times roll!
This Weeks Discussion

Do we get to pampered at Iron distance races with all the support at aid stations. Should we have to be more self sufficient?
If you want to add a comment click here: athlinks discussion.

Website of the Week is a new news website that is full of heaps of great content. It’s really worth bookmarking.

Product Review Center

What would you do with an extra 4 minutes on race morning? Or dry dollar bills when you stop for food on your ride? Or the peace of mind that your earphone wires will not get caught on your aero-bars? It’s hard to imagine, but you should. Introducing the incredibly practical and sleek T-Zero Jacket. With bicep arm zippers guaranteed to give you the fastest body marking split of the day…a completely waterproof pouch guaranteed to keep dry dollar bills dry…and an interior loophole guaranteed to keep your earphone wires on the inside, not making figure eights with your aero bars. The new generation of transition gear is here…come and get it. Go to http
Age Grouper of the Week

Freddy sent through this weeks age grouper, Shawn Burke. Check out his email: I believe Shawn should be your age grouper of the week, not just because of his unbelievable race in Arizona, especially in those conditions, but Shawn is just a great ambassador for Triathlon.   He has always been more concerned about everyone else than himself and wants to see his friends and clients succeed at any level. Did I mention that he is also a certified Triathlon and Cycling Coach.  That's just a part time Job.  He has his "Real" job, a wife, and 3 kids.  

Shawn is always the first to try out new technology and pass his findings to the group.  He trains harder than anyone I know and takes his training very seriously.  Everything is by the numbers.  Shawn is very analytical (anal) about his training methods and it obviously pays off.  Just check out his Athlinks page and you can see his results.

For my first Ironman Shawn flew out to the race just to support me.  He wasn't even racing, he just flew out to watch and cheer me on.   That's just how he is.  It's rare to find a friend who will do that.

High 5
We’ve got a few good High 5’s coming up over the next few shows. This weeks one will start the ball rolling. HIGH 5 :  How to survive the snip gracefully
This Weeks Websites
Lanzarote, Brazil, St Croix, Floria, IMSA money,,,, Colostrum article, Andy Potts in NY Times,  Getting Things Done (Bevan’s book review) article.

Iron Rusts, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
Kia Kaha
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