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News: We are going back to Roth (click here to find out the Camp Info); Results from the ITU Duathlon Camps; 70.3 World Champs and Challenge Admere are coming up; 

Discussion of the Week: What are some of the outside of the box tools or techniques you use to make your training more effect or fun?

Interview: Today we have an interview with Will O'Conner. Will has a PhD in Sport Science and works with several elite athletes. He has collaborated with the TriNZ high performance program as well as the Massey University Academy of Sport. On todays show he talks about run/walk and how to make the most of it in triathlon. You can check Wills website by clicking here:

My First Tri: Nate Fillers sent through his first tri, it's a great story. 

This Weeks Websites: Massage in Kona with Juliet

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