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Episode 82 Ironman Talk Episode 82 Ironman Talk

This weeks news
 Kona results. Plus other results.  
 Greg Bennett nabs around $400K!
This weeks discussion

There’s been a bit of talk about Chrissie Wellington’s conduct during Kona, was her behavior bad of good for the sport of Ironman?
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Photos from the show
Website of the week/Product review centre

Alvin Connor Natural Balance, handmade body care products were designed using naturally occurring crystalline deposits.
The range has been created to keep you fresh from tip to toe.

I have been using these products for about 11 years now and I swear by them. I was a customer before I got into manufacturing them. As you know I do Triathlon and Ironman and I never have a problem with BO even after my longest rides and runs!!!! What's more none of my cloths have deodorant marks on them. I spend alot of money on Race and Tri specific clothing and I want them to last as long as possible.

The range works by preventing the build up of odour causing bacteria. Body and foot odour is a result of perspiration / sweat coming into contact with bacteria on your skin. By eliminating this bacteria or preventing this bacteria from forming you eliminate body odour. Simple! Here’s the website:
Age grouper of the week

Rob Chance is this weeks Age Grouper of the week. Check out his race profile on athlinks: click here.
It was a good day. I had almost reached the “pie in the sky?. I can’t complain with being 8th in my age group in the world, especially when I work a full time job, have three small kids at home, and a wife that does Ironmans too.
Check out his race report on his blog:

Coach’s Corner
John covers reverse periodisation.
This weeks websites

The Great Floridian, Ibiza Long Distance, Greg Bennett $400k,,

Iron Rusts, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
Kia Kaha
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